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An Open Letter to Open Letters

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Dear Open Letter,

I’m writing this to you because I don’t know you personally and so by writing this I can create the illusion of giving you some great advise when really I’m totally driven by my own need to be heard. 

I was always passive aggressive. I find that it’s a lot easier to give my opinions freely when I’m quite sure the recipient will never hear them, but, just like at high school, as long as the people at the back of the bus do, that is enough to satisfy me.

You’re probably more famous than me. However, I’m a really normal person or I’ve been around for longer so my opinions are way more valid than yours.   

So – please take this advise which will be delivered with sarcasm, patronisation, superiority and if I’ve succeeded in touching enough equally opinionated people in publishing this, also a keen air of moral victory. 

I don’t know you personally. I wish I did. I’m gathering everything I know from your work and any surrounding PR because that’s all I need to understand you, and because I feel you don’t understand something that I do, I am going to counter your idiocy with my own idiocy as it kind of cancels everything out, don’t you think?

My advise to you is simple. Think what I do. Do what I say. Be who I am. Because I’m more right than you. 

If anyone in your circle hasn’t already pointed this out to you, they are just trying to make money out of you. I’m not. But you know, hits on my blog don’t hurt. 


Open Letter




Maternity Cover, Head of Interative. 6-9 Months

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At Rockabox we believe that nearly all video content could be more powerful, immersive and effective than it is now.  We think it should be delivered in more compelling and engaging ways, so that everyone benefits, whether you are a brand, publisher, media owner or agency.

To that end Rockabox is pioneering a whole new content media movement.  We create and distribute video content using our own unique technology, supported by a Cannes Lion & Bafta-winning creative team. We can then distribute the content online using our distribution platform across the highest quality premium environments with full transparency and data tracking.

Rockabox is a creative, collaborative and brilliantly fun company.

We are looking for a talented Senior Producer with an Interactive / Digital background capable of managing a studio of graphic and technical designers across multiple projects. You would have ultimate accountability for these projects, and be responsible for all work being delivered to the highest possible standard.

You should be at home working at the forefront of media technology and able to turn your hand to all kinds of content projects – although you’re most at home working with video.

You will be highly creative, calm under intense pressure, and able to maintain highly collaborative and productive internal working relationships.

You will be a part of a central senior team responsible for driving business growth and will need to be a confident and capable communicator who is comfortable pitching, writing proposals, liaising after clients, broadcasters, media agencies and creative agencies.

You will work closely with CommercialDistribution and Account and Campaign Management, and Production and report directly into the Chief Creative Officer.

This really is a central and critical role within a brilliant company that is growing very, very fast.

Essential Skills/Background: 

We will happily meet with producers who are either creative or technical, but ideally, both. 

  • Senior Digital Producer or TV Producer with strong digital experience.
  • Highly creative – with an excellent understanding of what drives an audience to interact.
  • Management of multiple projects across tech, digital and video content creation.
  • Highly organised – perhaps with some project management in your background.
  • You’re a confident team leader who is able to bring together and build an impressive talent pool.
  • Be able to demonstrate to us examples of your digital products, video or interactive projects you’re proud of.
  • You’re progressive and can embrace new technologies and practices.
  • You love to find solutions to difficult technical, logistical and creative problems.

To apply, please contact me directly at:


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